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2018 Inventor Awards

The " Single Window for Patents and Innovation" team held the third edition of the SNCF Inventor Awards in November.

Photo de la remise des prix, on y voit au devant de la scène 4 femmes dont une tenant le trophée dans ses mains

And the SNCF Inventor Awards go to…

These awards are given out to promote and support the policy of filing patents at SNCF by rewarding employee-inventors for the two inventions patented in the previous two years that are of the greatest interest to SNCF.

SNCF has a strong commitment to a proactive invention policy whose aim is to invent new technical solutions and reinvent the way the company implements and benefits from them.

Presided over by Patrick Jeantet, President of SNCF Réseau, the grand jury made up of executives from the departments and activities selected the winners from a shortlist of six inventions patented in France and abroad in 2016 or 2017.

The SNCF Réseau Award went to Arnaud Lorieux and Claude Monnet for their “Rail Repair Process”. This invention provides a way to repair rails with wheel tread damage that is too long to be treated “simply” with a conventional method. It avoids the need to cut out and replace a section of the rail, which adds welds, thus creating discontinuities between rails that cause shocks and can result in premature rail wear. This process shortens the time needed for the repair (and thus the cost) because it is done on the tracks. It also allows many more damaged areas to be repaired.

The SNCF Mobilités Award went to Gérard Auditeau and Gérard Blanvillain for their “Carbon Strip Clip-Insert”. This invention allows a metal insert to be placed on the friction strip of a pantograph collector using an elastic fitting rather than screws or glue. This guarantees good transmission of the electrical current between the carbon strips, the metal insert, and the pantograph collector.

The Public’s Favourite award went to Christine Funfschilling and Estelle Bongini, whose invention transforms track surveillance and maintenance with a new “Process for measuring track geometry using commercial trains”. There are two objectives: first, to obtain reliable results by frequently monitoring track geometry using any type of train, including commercial ones; and second, to optimise maintenance by ordering operations earlier and only when necessary.
Bravo to our inventors!