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A delegation from Japan’s RTRI in Paris

In mid-October, SNCF Innovation & Research, joined by experts from SNCF Réseau and SNCF Mobilités, welcomed its Japanese partners for working sessions and benchmarking. This partnership began 20 years ago!

SNCF and the Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI), its longstanding partner in Japan, carry out joint scientific and technical research projects on issues related to operations, energy (storage, batteries…), and the design and maintenance of trains and infrastructure.

The Japanese delegation was in Paris to wind up the 8th phase of research and to launch the 9th phase for the period 2018-20.

A new feature of the programme starting this year: four themes of particular importance will be reviewed annually by top management:

  • Autonomy (detection, traffic management systems, and artificial intelligence)
  • Climate change (typhoons/storms, floods, etc.)
  • <Energy

RTRI president Dr Kumagai took the opportunity of his visit to invite SNCF chairman Pepy to the next World Congress on Railway Research (WCRR). To be held in Japan in the autumn of 2019, it will be an occasion to review progress on the joint research under way.