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Tech SNCF is an SNCF website

About us

TECH SNCF, technologies to reinvent mobility

A transformation of the mobility sector involving a technological revolution, new practices, new players, and urgent ecological issues is taking place. In other words, how we travel from place to place each day is changing.

As a key player in this radical transformation, SNCF must reinvent its rail system and invent new types of mobility to facilitate everyone’s travel while also protecting the planet.

Anticipating, harnessing, and adapting disruptive technologies will be more important than ever to achieving these goals.

The role of SNCF Innovation & Research:

  •       Explore technological opportunities 5 to 10 years in the future.
  •       Develop technological linchpins to enable users (customers and employees) to benefit from technology.
  •       Propose testing and rapid deployment methods in the Group’s activities.


TECH SNCF is the public website of SNCF Innovation & Research. It presents two programmes:

  •       TECH4Rail – Reinventing the rail system
  •       TECH4Mobility – Inventing new types of mobility. 


It also describes the main projects (Autonomous Train, Hybrid TER, Augmented Operations) and the key technologies (AI, Robotics, Detection, Cognitive Sciences…) that will make them possible.

The TECH SNCF team is made up of enthusiastic and highly qualified professionals – scientists, engineer-researchers, ergonomists… – with diverse training and experience, supported by a network of technical experts and an innovation community within SNCF.

TECH SNCF has also formed numerous partnerships to carry out research on a national, European, and international scale. These may involve transfers of competencies between manufacturers and synergies with the academic research community.