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# Datascape: a voyage to the heart of SNCF data


SNCF Innovation & Research has been exploring data visualisation for several years. Now it has partnered with the multidisciplinary studio SuperBien to create this new visualisation that gives us an in-depth picture of SNCF data.

During a dreamlike journey by train, we are immersed in a world generated from datasets. The landscapes rolling past are in fact images created from a typical day’s data on rail network energy consumption, train traffic, and the use of the social networks for mobility purposes.

The visualisation is divided vertically into two parts. As music plays, the raw data flow past at the lower right; in the lower left, an initial interpretation of the data appears in the form of colour and texture; and in the upper half, a 3D landscape dynamically generated from the data is created.

Watch the full video on YouTube here

# Authors:
Maguelonne Chandesris, Data, Mobility and Regions, SNCF Innovation & Research
Sylvie Humbert, Director, Marketing and Communication, SNCF Innovation & Research
Superbien, a multidisciplinary creative studio in Paris