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Tech SNCF is an SNCF website

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SNCF launches tech.sncf.com, a website focused on technologies and expertise for greater mobility

Ecological urgency, new uses, new stakeholders, accelerating technological progress: with the mobility sector in the midst of rapid and radical transformation, the SNCF group is preparing new solutions that will enable everyone to travel more easily while preserving the planet.

Tech.sncf.com presents content from the SNCF Innovation & Research Department concerning technological advances in rail transport and new methods of mobility.

This website features news about the men and women at SNCF Innovation & Research and two of its programmes: tech4rail, an innovation accelerator helping to reinvent the rail system, and tech4mobility, an incubator for the development of new, shared mobility solutions.

Techsncf.com will appeal to many communities – doctoral students, engineers, researchers, mobility professionals, railway enthusiasts, and others – that have a keen interest in innovative technologies such as robotics, AI, cognitive sciences, virtual assistants, 5G, the IOT, detection, acoustics …