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SNCF participates in Movin’On, the Summit on Sustainable Mobility

Movin’On, an international summit on sustainable mobility, was held in Montreal from 4 to 7 June. Its objective? To move from ambition to action.

Michelin and other major companies in their respective markets like Total, Thalès, BNP Paribas, Bombardier, Engie, presented their vision of this rapidly developing field.

Led by the Innovation & Research department, representatives SNCF’s various activities were on hand to exchange views with leaders from academia, politics, cities, and business and participate in conferences, working sessions, and road tests on the Micromobility track.

A meeting with Montreal-based IVADO, the Institute for the Valorisation of Data, of which SNCF is a founding member, was an opportunity to discuss Artificial Intelligence and what it can bring to mobility as well as its limits.

Guillaume Pepy spoke about decarbonization in a discussion with a representative of the city of Singapore. He noted that while the train is already the “cleanest” means of transport, SNCF continues to innovate with the aim of offering carbon-free mobility solutions thanks to new technologies like the hydrogen train and biofuels, among others. He also announced the upcoming launch of a loyalty program that will track how many kilograms of CO2 are avoided by travelling on SNCF trains as well as promote intermodal mobility.

A collaborative workshop was also organized by SNCF during the summit on the theme:

“How can rail transport be strengthened and placed at the heart of multimodality so as to give everyone the freedom to move wherever they are?”

Fifty participants will take part in the workshop and compare viewpoints from all over the world.

In a future article, we will look at the benchmarks and main lessons of the summit.