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SYNAPSES: the 2020 recruitment campaign has begun!

Applications for the SYNAPSES network are being accepted from 4 February to 5 April 2020. So go ahead and do it!

Created in 2010, the SYNAPSES network is a group of technical and scientific experts from the various entities of SNCF. They ensure the long-term development of key areas of expertise to support collective and cross-group innovation and research.

SYNAPSES is made up of 450 experts, divided into four levels of expertise and seven clusters that encompass 30 fields of scientific and technical expertise.
These experts form a dense and dynamic network that is active both internally and externally. The SYNAPSES network has already conducted 82 project “labs”, i.e. cross-function working groups that bring together about 100 people to develop new solutions in fields as varied as Big Data and ergonomics (e.g. exoskeletons).

SYNAPSES also opens up existing projects in a way that enables people all across the SNCF group to contribute to them. And it can help you find the right people in the group to advance your ideas.

Do you want to learn more about this network and its members? Then connect to the SYNAPSES Sharepoint

And if you are looking for a new adventure, submit an application to become a member on ProSynapses. Be sure to have it approved by your manager (L+1) before the 5 April deadline.