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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already central to SNCF’s activities. Its fields of application and its benefits continue to grow. The challenge for teams at TECH SNCF is to introduce cognition into IA.

Machine learning, natural language processing, artificial vision… artificial intelligence technologies are already applied in railway services, maintenance, and customer relations at SNCF, and they are being used in more and more ways as the Group’s digital transformation advances. So, what will tomorrow bring?

The next frontier is the human dimension. The capacity of AI to understand how humans function and their cognitive context will lead to new technological leaps.

An example: the technological leap that will make rail operations more adaptive. Rail operations at SNCF consist in [...] managing 15,000 train services a day, with all that involves – providing passenger information, rotating rolling stock, and managing personnel.

But over and above AI’s calculation capacities, the real technological challenge lies in constructing an interface that will allow AI and operators to communicate with each other so that the latter can make the right decisions in the shortest possible time.