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Cognitive Sciences

The cognitive sciences can provide a better understanding of how an individual forges an opinion, behaves, reacts, and adapts. They are a powerful tool for the transformation of the SNCF Group.

From psychology to artificial intelligence, from neurosciences to anthropology, from semiology and linguistics to natural language processing – the cognitive sciences are a vast field at the crossroads of the human and social sciences on the one hand and mathematical and physical sciences on the other.

They are concerned with understanding how human beings adapt, behave, and live in a given milieu. The TECH SNCF teams are convinced that the cognitive sciences are key to developing the next disruptive technologies.

They therefore launched the Experience & Cognition programme in 2017 to explore how cognitive sciences [...] can provide an extremely precise understanding of customers and personnel and of their behaviour and expectations.

In the various TECH SNCF projects, the cognitive sciences are contributing to the development of technologies better adapted to human beings. By providing a more precise understanding of how humans react to these technologies, they also help guide SNCF’s transformation.