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The annual meeting of the Synapses experts

The annual meeting of the Synapses Network, a group of 500 scientific and technical experts at SNCF, was held last week. The theme was, "JO 2024, project accelerator".

The Synapses Network, under the direction of SNCF Innovation & Research, is made up of experts divided into four competency levels, from fledging experts to true “orchestra conductors” who transmit their expertise and have a leadership role both inside and outside the company.

This network has been created to give a boost to innovation and research through collective and cross-Group actions and to maintain and develop expertise essential to the Group’s future. The experts who have joined the network most recently are specialists in fields like artificial intelligence, data, systems engineering, and operations.

The annual meeting is an important event for the Synapses network, as it gives the experts the opportunity to discuss high-impact subjects for the Group and to coordinate their efforts.

The annual meeting of the Synapses Network was held on 29 Nov. 2018 in offices at the Stade de France stadium in Saint Denis on the theme “2024 Olympics, a project accelerator”.

The experts broke up into several workshops to focus on major projects at SNCF (PRISME, H00, FIRST, Eole, Autonomous Train, Fertile City, Factory of the Future, Digital Twin, RER NG, Paris Gare du Nord 2024, Grand Paris Express, and  Programme 5G) and explore the scientific and technical contributions they could make.

Later in the day, 12 projects sponsored by Synapses experts were spotlighted.

Four of them received awards:

  •       The innovation with the broadest impact: Joëlle Arnaudt, for her giant kit to protect against natural risks
  •       The innovation industrialised most quickly: Olivier Peretti and Emmanuel Bougeard, who developed a “Stick” to assist in shunting
  •       The innovation with the widest application in the Group: Hedi Kharrat, for the Massena energy optimisation and braking energy recovery project
  •       The most unusual: Yonnel Giovanelli, for the exoskeleton to assist Technicentre workers

The “Public’s Favourite” award went to Maguelonne Chandesriis for the creation of an HR network at SNCF for data-related jobs.